Decorated all-over; on the interior and exterior; even the underbody, this is a stylish and beautiful early cup. Early Cochiti cups are rare enough, but this features a particularly sophisticated design. The botanical leaf forms are largely negative (white designs emerge from black painted back-drop) on the exterior and then largely black on the interior. There are delicate rain drop forms on the underbody. This cup was a created by a talented and experienced artist with form and designs well conceived and beautifully executed. There is a lot of paint and design over a small surface, but the negative design elements leave the cup feeling spacious and open. Pueblo cups were rarely treasured and saved over time; practically never thought to have financial value. They were used, damaged and “recycled” on the pueblo and probably just thrown away in tourists homes when they broke or when passed down in estates to probably bewildered adult children and grand-children. While this is exactly what creates rarity, in this case it is too bad: a collection of cups by this wonderful unknown potter and painter would be a great treat. I may spend the rest of my life looking for more.