Another visually striking black-on-cream pitcher slipped top to bottom. Slipping pitchers in this manner at Santo Domingo seemed to be a tradition largely reserved for smaller pitchers. The artist chose this technique to create a very modern and bold design on this large 11″ tall pitcher. The design features one stem with branching bisected leaves against a creamy white slip. The result is a simple masterpiece, tall and stately with rich patina from years of handling.

Teal used this pitcher frequently in her pastels. Its stately formal presence seemed to serve as an anchor in the drawings, adding a calm dignity. It is the tallest pitcher in the show at 11″ so its very size and simplicity in design allowed it to anchor her beautiful pastel still life drawings.

All of this makes this one of the strongest pieces in the show and like its place in Teal’s pastels, would beautifully anchor a collection of multicolored and more complexly designed historic pitchers.

Condition: Excellent, unrestored

Provenance: The Collection of Teal McKibben