High shouldered with a generous wide mid-body, this is a classic and exceptional Hopi Polacca child’s olla dating to perhaps the 1860’s. The form is beautiful and painted designs deeply colored and the patina rich from many years of being lovingly handled and used. There is one main horizontal design field, separated into quadrants by vertical lines bordering a brown framing ribbon. The placement of the horizontal design field dramatically the large underbody field of orange with a red band as a main design element as it rises from the bottom towards the jar’s mid-body. The purpose of the abstract designs I could only guess at. These designs differ as the jar is rotated (see additional pics); a round mural of delight; warm and early. A great example.

Condition is very good with surface wear from ethnographic use. There was one small chip only in the base that was professionally restored. The main body of the jar completely original and intact.

Provenance: a distinguished western U.S. collection