I would say that this gorgeous bowl is the best 19th century Tesuque food bowl I’ve ever seen, except that it’s sister bowl, equally wonderful is also in our “small” Show! This bowl boasts rich patina, fire clouds and a deep red bands both at the rim and at the top of the underbody (one indication of 19th century vintage). The design is minimal, just a meandering band and lines which is perfect for this bowl; spacious and open, allowing the beautiful surface to star. This is one of those great bowls where the less said the better.

The other Tesuque bowl in this collection has many similarities in style, rim and underbody banding, size, etc. Other than tourist pieces like “rain-gods”, pottery making at a skilled level like this would survive for just a few more years. When this bowl (and its companion in the show) was made, there could only have been one, two, three (sorry, I’m grasping here; but you get my point) potters still producing. So my guess?–same potter or family produced both of these.

Condition is excellent, original, unrestored with patina from much handling.

Rich and satisfying! A gem!

Provenance: From a prestigious west coast collection