From a prestigious western U.S. collection comes this stunning small jar. It is a true tetrachrome that is not immediately apparent due to the rich yet subtle coloration. Yet it clearly features brick red, orange, tan, black and white. The colors alternate throughout the design adding a free-spirited randomness to this beautiful jar. The colors themselves are rich and satisfying. The dominant deep brown color is an artists inspiration; it makes this jar timeless and special!

The mid-body design includes a number of botanical elements (leaves, pods, berries, etc.) in alternating colors, giving it a folksy and joyous feel. The upper design features bisected red triangle, interspersed with open triangles with embedded bisected leaf forms. “Violin” like elements separate the fields too; perfect as this jar just sings with joy. The there is then a brown horizontal band, very unusual, that separates the neck design from the dominant mid-body design. It is beautifully formed, thin and masterful. There is a band at the top of the underbody and interior red lines (see attached pic), likely the potter’s “signature”.

This “small” Show features many museum quality examples. In my mind, this may be the star of the show! Its pleasures, at least to me, and like the finest art, become more and more apparent over time, rewarding the time the eventual lucky owner will spend with this jar.

Condition is excellent; original and unrestored.