This is a large and exceptional polychrome olla, 13” tall by 12” in diameter, by the late Arthur and Hilda Coriz of Kewa Pueblo (formerly Santo Domingo Pueblo). Arthur and Hilda were a husband and wife pottery team, very active in the 1970’s through the ‘90’s. They were prolific and creative, making many forms and sizes of pottery; always traditionally. Pottery was in the family, Arthur being taught by Hilda, whose brother was renowned potter Robert Tenorio.

However, Arthur died in 1998 at only 50 years of age so the number of larger ollas and other larger forms created by the team have become harder to find. This jar is just so beautifully formed, painted and fired. While the jar is rather substantial in size, it is graceful, elegant even, showing an excellent execution of a traditional Santo Domingo Pueblo olla form. The design is bold with crosses and bisected triangles in the mid-body and traditional ovals in the neck of the jar. The white slip that forms the back-drop for the designs is soapy and lovely.

The condition is excellent and unrestored.