Christina Naranjo was a well respected potter specializing in traditional carved black and redware.  She grew up observing and learning Santa Clara pottery making at its finest since she was Sarafina Tafoya’s daughter and older sister of famed potter Margaret Tafoya.  This wedding vase is a beautiful example of her work possibly dating to the 1950’s.  Dating Christina’s work is an inexact science at best, but this is a beautifully formed jar, indicative of a potter still working at the height of her powers.  The form of the jar is elegant and flawless.  The avanyu midbody design is beautifully executed with the carving exact and even and the polish mirror-like and lovely, a Tafoya family standard.

Christina’s legacy would live on right to the present as her many daughters and grand-daughters include such contemporary masters as: Mary Cain, Teresita Naranjo, Linda Cain, Autumn Borts, Tammy Garcia and many others.

Christina Tafoya’s work is not hard to find.  However, this piece from a distinguished collection, stands out for it’s elegance and beautiful condition.

Provenance: The collection of Frederick Oei