santa fe pottery artist Ryan Gashwaseoma

Ryan Gashwaseoma

We are proud to now show the work of Hopi carver Ryan Gashwaseoma. Ryan is from the Hopi village of Munqapi. His mother is Katsina Clan and his father Spider Clan. Ryan is a skilled woodworker having experience as a home builder and to this day working as a carpenter. In regard to his art, Ryan creates both traditional katsina dolls and wonderful painted boxes. His katsinam are known for being precisely carved and painted; his beautifully painted boxes are made from exotic woods. Ryan was both taught to carve and was influenced by his uncle Christopher Wyrewa and his grandfather, Benjamin Wytewa. See much more about this multitalented artist in the informative chapter on Ryan in the book “The Great Tradition of Hopi Katsina Carvers” by Barry Walsh, available at the gallery.

Ryan Gashwaseoma art