George Cordero (1944-1990) was famous Cochiti Storyteller originator Helen Cordero’s son.  He was active as a storyteller artist for only a few years, exhibiting at the Santa Fe Indian Market from 1985-1989 (See Schaaf’s book Southern Pueblo Pottery, page 100).  He was, of course, taught and greatly influenced by his mother’s work.  The resemblance between Helen’s faces and George’s on this storyteller is very clear.  George’s pieces were simple and delightful and due to his own rather small output (apparently he aided or collaborated frequently with Helen) and short life span, the availability of his work is sadly limited.

This is an excellent example, both in size (7.5″ tall) and in form.  The storyteller holds 2 children, one comfortable facing the adult, his head resting against his own hands and one animated little guy facing away.  The storyteller is adorned with a rather elaborate necklace and wears a nicely decorated pouch seen on the figure’s side and supported by a shoulder harness whose strap is seen on the front and back.  The paint is a lovely soft salmon orange against white, traditional Cochiti slip.

Condition is very good, with a few minor surface rubs, but unrestored.

Provenance: Another wonderful example from the collection of Rutt Bridges