This charming pueblo Indian pottery jar is from Zia Pueblo.  It fits well into the category of small jars at 7” in height and 7” in diameter.  It is charming and lovely with designs set against a rich tan-to-orange slip.  It has a black painted rim and double framing lines separating the mid-body from the under-body.  The bird’s claws sink into the framing lines.  The top of the base has a wide red band possibly suggesting a date to the early side of the 1910 range.

The pueblo Indian pottery design is whimsical with 1 bird on one side and 2 birds on the other nibbling away at ripened corn and tassels.   There are no other design features to distract our eye from these happy creatures.

This was a period of creative pottery excellence at Zia.  Some great Zia pueblo, Indian pottery storage jars were being made at about this time; the best of them are wonderful, but very expensive.   One of the joys of collecting small historic and tourist items is that very fine examples like this are moderately priced yet challenging enough to find to make them fine collectibles.

The condition is excellent original condition.

Provenance: The collection of Robert Nichols