Zia Polychrome Very Large Canteen, c. 1925


This magnificent Zia utilitarian canteen is by far the largest I’ve ever had in the gallery; it’s an absolute show stopper! Old Zia canteens like this were made for use, not for the art market. The few small ones I’ve had from the the 1930’s were simply decorated with a single bird design. This one has a far more complex design of water related imagery: clouds, rain, healthy full leaves, and possibly moist farm field in the center. The very deep and gorgeous mineral red paint appears to be a color that was an old and a lost one at Zia and suggests a creation date of the 1920’s or earlier. This is an exceptional and rare canteen.

Size 10” tall by 11” wide
Condition Original and unrestored, some scuffing in the center due to use
Provenance a Scottsdale collection


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