Zia Large Polychrome Canteen with Deep Red Bird, c. 1930’s


Most of the few 1930’s Zia canteens that I’ve had in the gallery over the years were quite small. And I erroneously thought that they were made for the art market. This large one is one of the best I’ve ever had and it is decidedly utilitarian. The body is pleasingly and functionally full and robust. The mineral red color is very deep and applied generously and the larger size allowed the long ago owner to carry plenty of water. And both the rich color and large size gives this water carrier a big satisfying presence. There are a few easily repairable condition issues, but I’m reluctant to restore them because these are all the result of Pueblo home use. In fact, even the smaller 1920’s-‘30’s Zia canteens were made for use and not for the art market. This is a special one.

Size 7.5” tall x 8” wide x 5” deep
Condition Reattached handle, inner rim chip, 2” slip crack in red field; original and unrestored
Provenance a Santa Fe collection


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