Santa Clara Early Tourist Bowl with Squared Handles, Possibly by Tomacita Tafoya , c. 1915


In the Blair’s book, Margaret Tafoya A Tewa Potter’s Heritage and Legacy, figure 2-25 is a small long neck vase with squared handles and finger impressions that is attributed to Tomacita Tafoya, the oldest of Serafina and Geronimo Tafoya’s children, c. 1916. (See below).

The wonderful and rare bowl from our collection bears so many similarities to that one, that it’s hard to argue against at least the strong possibility that it too was made by Tomacita. Even the one slightly elevated handle is similar. A rare bowl, distinctively early 20th century.

Size 4.5” deep x 8.5” wide
Condition Original and unrestored with a few very minor scuffs; excellent for its age


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