Hopi Rabbit Stick Katsina Doll by Ethan Bryce


This our first doll from this fine carver who’s been getting attention lately from serious collectors. Here is his description of this Rabbit Stick Katsina Doll in his own words:

He is called Putskoy katsina or Koonin Putskoho formally known as Rabbit stick kachina. He comes from the velvet shirt family representing the rabbit stick we use for hunting rabbits as he has the rabbit stick on his face also in his hands. He also has the red felt like a Supai dancer. Made with cotton wood root and painted with raw minerals and pigments found around my village in Third Mesa. Red felt for the head dress chicken fluffs with pigeon feathers in the back of the fluffs. Pheasant feathers with parakeet and pigeon feathers for the back. Fake moss for the greens and yarn for the flowers carved from paako.The rattle and rabbit stick carved with paako as well. He is a rare and unique one.

Size 9” doll plus 3” feathers
Condition New
Provenancee Collection of the artist

Price does not include shipping