Hopi Mother and Child in Blanket of Many Colors by Manuel Denet Chavarria


I could not pass up this sweet and utterly unique doll by Manuel when I saw him with it early Saturday morning at SWAIA Winter Indian Market 2022. She is not a katsina doll per se, but more a figure depicting Hopi family life and motherly love. Manuel explained that the piece of wood he used had a knot in it from which he carved the baby’s head peaking out in back from the mothers blanket. Note also that he painted a red coral necklace for the mother on the string from which the doll hangs on the wall. I think Manuel loves these two as well. Traditionally carved from aged cottonwood root and finished in his iconic distressed style.

Size 11.25” tall x 3.5” wide
Condition New
Provenance Collection of the artist

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