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  • Santa Clara or San Ildefonso Black Utilitarian Bowl with Finger Impressions, c. 1930 $850
  • Santa Clara or San Ildefonso Small Pedestal Long Neck Pitcher, c. 1900 $450
  • San Ildefonso Small Polychrome Dough Bowl with complex Kiva Step and Flowers Inner Bowl Design, possibly by Dolorita Vigil,c. 1910 $4500
  • San Ildefonso Blue-on-Black with Feather Designs and More by Erik Fender $1600
  • San Ildefonso Red Carved Jar Rosalie Aguilar (1898-1947), c. 1940 $1100
  • San Ildefonso Long Neck Vase with Water Serpent by Rose Gonzales, c. 1960 $2800