Beautifully formed, straight and elegant with one large design field with rain and plant forms. The lovely cross-hatching at spout and the black, bisected triangular motifs are areas of density in an otherwise spare and spacious all over design field. The handle is also decorated and and there is a red band at top of the pedestal underbody. This is a tall, straight, stately gorgeous example. By and large, the large pitchers from San Ildefonso were done by master potters. This one is no exception, with fine design and execution and near perfect potting, straight, thin and well proportioned. This pitcher is modern and strongly visual; strong visual being the binding tie among all of Teal McKibben’s historic pueblo pottery pitchers.

Condition: Very good, with one rim chip; otherwise original and unrestored. Teal McKibben did not restore dings and chips; by and large I have honored that with her collection.

Provenance: The Teal McKibben Collection