Lonnie Vigil singlehandedly revived and then reinvented the glory of Nambe Pueblo Micaceous pottery. The only potter working with micaceous clay to ever win the prestigious Best of Show award at the SWAIA Indian Market in Santa Fe (2001), Lonnie has long excelled at large pottery masterpieces. This stunning gunmetal black jar is a superb example. It is large at 19″ tall by 15 1/2″ in diameter, yet thinly constructed and light in weight; a mark of a master pueblo potter. In respect to the old potters and their methods (as well as to Fox Pueblo Pottery’s historic pottery focus), Lonnie used all traditional methods on this jar including natural Nambe clay and slip, traditional outdoor firing and even corn cob polishing. The oxygen reducing firing in the hands of a master produced this gorgeous unmatchable gunmetal finish. A masterpiece by Lonnie Vigil that we are so fortunate to offer to our clients. In regard to our historic pottery, we like to say “historic is modern”. In Lonnie’s case, the reverse is also true “modern is historic”!