Another fine piece from the Robert Nichols collection, this is simply a classic and beautiful, small jar from Kewa Pueblo, dating to c. 1910. It is 7″ tall and 6″ in diameter. The polychrome design is painted against a lovely creamy slip. There are double framing lines at the rim and at the bottom of the mid-body. The star of this jar is the beautiful painting of the two principle design features; an ornate bird on one side and a flower with bisected leaves on the other. The bird is complex and simply exquisite (I’m running out of adjectives; I love this bird). The black (spinach weed) black is rich and satisfying with red highlights used sparingly at to perfect effect.

Small jars do not always have such beautiful painting; maybe because they were never expensive items or that the more accomplished artists devoted their time to larger pots. But I’m reaching; I don’t know. Small forms are often painted in primitive and simple manner which is part of their charm. This is just a very special example of how wonderful and accomplished small jars can be.

Condition: Excellent unrestored condition.

Provenance: The collection of Robert Nichols

Price: $2250 (SOLD)