This is another great example of a highly collectible small jar from the collection of long time Santa Fe gallery owner and pueblo pottery affectionado, Robert Nichols.  The jar dates to the first quarter of the 20th century, likely pre-1920.  It is a classic small jar, 7” tall by 7” in diameter.  The rim is painted black with a second framing line just below the rim.  There is another pair of double framing lines separating the mid-body from the underbody.

The design consists of a beautifully painted flower and a simply exquisite fancy bird.   These are set against a beautiful creamy white slip.  The jar is slightly tapered in the neck area giving this jar a vase-like elegance.

This is another piece from Santa Fe dealer/collector Robert Nichols.  Robert has a special love and a wonderful eye when it comes to small pots.  Watch for more on my website in the months to come as I list additional small pots from this collection.

Condition is excellent for the age of the pot and original condition with no restoration.