This is a wonderful and unusual small pitcher from the collection of Robert Nichols.  I am dating it to about 1910; it has an older feel and this could be a conservative guess.

The pitcher is a tourist piece in all likelihood; perfect to sell to tourists who could easily carry east on the train after an adventure visiting northern New Mexico.  The pot is very nicely formed and, other than a few very minor surface rubs on the rim, in excellent condition for such an old piece.  It is decorated in very vividly painted black floral and plant forms including a vine that meanders around the pitcher, a plant with leaves and perhaps berries that dangles almost upside down as if suspended from above, and a bursting sunflower.  Most satisfying to me is that all of this is set against a creamy field of white slip that extends all the way to the base, setting off the black designs beautifully.  This is a wonderful historic example of early tourist ware.

Condition is excellent, original and unrestored.

Provenance: The collection of Robert Nichols