Stunning and superb olla with cascading birds and slipped white top to bottom to open pleasing effect. The birds are fantastic in all senses of the word; beautifully and delightfully rendered by a master pottery painter (Alfredo Montoya?). The all over soapy white slip allows the birds to seemingly float through a clear, spacious field. The jar is decorated on the interior several inches below the again slipped-in-white neck. There are double framing lines just below the rim and at the top of the mid-body. There was a similar jar in the Edna Kelly Collection, clearly by the same potter and painter. The jar is beautifully constructed with a flaring rim and gentle concave neck, spreading downward to the wide mid-body before descending downward to the narrow base. The white field feels like a pristine mountain snow. There is an innocent charm to this jar that has clearly delighted its viewers for over years.

Condition: Excellent