Large Kewa (Santo Domingo) Storage Jar, C. 1900

October 14, 2010By Lyn Fox

This is a large storage jar from Kewa (formerly Santo Domingo) Pueblo, just south of Santa Fe.  It dates to the early part of the 20th century or perhaps earlier and stands 18″ tall by 14″ wide.

The designs are simple and traditional; two fields of 6 pointed stars; small distinct ones in the neck; then stretched and abstracted stars over the mid-body.  There are three sets of double framing lines; two sets dividing the slipped, painted and designed fields and a third setting off the unslipped underbody.  There is a wide painted band at the top of the underbody, usually associated with 19th century storage jars. There are vertical spirit lines leading to spirit breaks.  These spirit breaks may have been thought to protect the potter from having her spirit trapped in the pots design.

Simple large jars like this were most likely made for Pueblo home use.  They were too big and bulky for tourists to easily transport them.  Large Kewa dough bowls are rare enough to find; but large wonderful early storage jars from Kewa Pueblo are far more rare, making this one a wonderful treasure for a serious collection of historic pottery.

The jar is in excellent condition.  It was once painted by a collector and the paint was professionally removed.  There has been no plaster filling or overpainting.

Kewa (Santo Domingo Pueblo) Olla Pot by Arthur & Hilda Coriz

September 24, 2010By Lyn Fox