Date(s) - 10/01/2020 - 11/30/2020
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Paakwa: Hopi Frog Katsina Dolls Show

Opens October 1, 2020 online and in gallery

See the Hopi Frog Katsina Dolls >>

In his 2000 book, “Traditional Hopi Kachinas,” author Jonathan Day had a chapter on carver Wallace Hyeoma. At the time Wallace’s Paakwakatsina dolls had become so popular that he had little time to carve anything else. While Wallace sadly passed away before I was able to purchase a doll from him at Tsakurshovi Trading Post, I fell hard for the frog katsina dolls.

Since then Paakwa or Frog katsina dolls have become increasingly popular for Hopi carvers and collectors. This mini show features examples by several of the carvers whose work I show in the gallery including Randy Brokeshoulder, Manuel Denet Chavarria, Cimmaron Grover, Darance Makwesa Chimerica, Max Curley, Shawn Deel, Tayron Polequaptewa among others. More dolls are arriving so check back from time to time. I am so grateful to the carvers for creating such wonderful works for this show and to Barry Walsh and Joe Day for selling me 2 examples by Cimmaron Grover.

Hopi Frog Katsina Dolls >>