This singing mother by Maria Laweka, daughter of Damacia Cordero, is a wonderful example of the simplicity and warmth that I love so much about earlier Cochiti figures.  This singing mother holds two babies in her arms and, with her head tilted back, sings from her heart .  This piece has nice size, 7″ tall and 6+” deep, but the painting is far from refined.  The mother’s nose and eyes are depicted with dots, her mouth is a curving black line; she wears bracelets and a necklace, both simply drawn; and her richly black dress is adorned with pottery symbols.  Still and all it is as if we are allowed to see the love between mother and babies as were not distracted by painting details.  To me, it feels like a privilege.

This rare example of Maria Laweka’s singing mothers comes from Rutt Bridges’ excellent collection of pueblo pottery and figures.  And rare it is.  I have seen very few examples of this sort.  Mostly in recent years and even today, only an occasional small effigy animal similar to her mother Damacia’s work, appears on the market.  I am so happy that Rutt Bridges had the taste and sensitivity to collect such items so that they are available to us today.

Condition is excellent, original, unrestored.

Provenance: The Collection of Rutt Bridges