This is a wonderful cup, c. 1910. With rather unconventional designs, I think it likely to be Cochiti orTesuque In origin, but it could be from Kewa (Santo Domingo) Pueblo as well. It is 3″ tall and 4″ in diameter. It’s main design feature resembles, well, martini glasses encircling the cup. There is a framing line at the bottom of this design just above the underbody. The underbody itself is unslipped or polished, but with a narrow band at the top and some lovely subtle fire clouds at the bottom. The puki upon which the cup sat as it was being constructed results in a nice narrowing of the base. The squared off handle gives the cup a decidedly modern feel and is most unusual among the Cochiti cups I have collected. The handle is decorated nicely with dots.

Condition is excellent.