Simply charming and delightful bear family by Seferina Ortiz, dating to perhaps c. 1975.  This is not a traditional storyteller of course since it does not feature one central mother or father with multiple children.  But Seferina came from a long family tradition of figurative pottery and was a master of many forms. This is simply a warmly depicted family scene almost as if they were posing for a photograph.  The father stands behind the seated mother who’s arm curls back to allow the happy parents to hold hands.  The mother cradles the baby who is doing what babies do: eating or teething.

The father is 6 1/2″ tall.  The paint rich, dark and consistent.

This is not a piece where Seferina created many fine details.  But I have never seen a warmer one.  This is piece to love.

Condition is excellent, original, and unrestored.

Provenance: The Robert Nichols Collection