Policies: Pottery


There’s a minimum $10 shipping charge when you buy pottery from here. Larger pieces will cost more due to the need for special packing, double boxing, etc. I recommend the buyer pay the extra for 3-day select or faster delivery to minimize handling of precious pottery by FedEx or UPS.


Website purchases may be returned within 7 business days for any reason. Returned material must be professionally packed and must be returned in the exact condition that the buyer received it.

Purchase and Payment:

We accept personal checks, MasterCard and Visa.  To select and purchase pottery please call or e-mail.  We will  discuss your preferred payment method  and you can provide us with credit card information by phone.


Any items over $1,000 may be paid for over 90 days or with terms per mutual agreement by Lyn A. Fox Fine Pueblo Pottery and the buyer.