Spreading Their Wings

December 7, 2017By ellenfShows

Spreading Their Wings: New Works by Gallery Artists December 15 from 4pm-6pm This is a show celebrating winter new works by our award winning painters, potters, Zuni fethish carver, and traditional Hopi katsina doll carver. The same exceptional historic and contemporary pueblo pottery just at a new gallery space that is all our own.

Black: Then & Now

August 1, 2016By ellenfShows

Pueblo Pottery Blackware 1880s – 2016 Several years ago I produced a show and book called Black: Minimalism and Beauty in Historic Tewa pottery. Apparently, I didn’t get it out of my system because this show also features historic Tewa pottery, however, this time I have included black pottery by some exceptional mid-century potters as … Read More

Revisiting An Old Friend, Part 1

June 27, 2016By ellenfBlog

I’ve wanted to do this for a long time. I’m beginning a series of blogs on favorite pieces of pottery that have been in the gallery over the years. Most have sold, but some haven’t. Some are old; some very old, and some are contemporary. Many have a special memory or story connected to them, … Read More

Extraordinary Views

August 24, 2015By ellenfCase Studies, Uncategorized

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Dough, Chile & Stew: Pueblo Bowls 1880-present

July 31, 2015By ellenfShows

CLICK HERE TO VIEW ALL THE BOWLS IN THE SHOW Pueblo potters have been creating pottery for home use on New Mexico’s pueblos for perhaps 1000 years. The forms of these potteries have varied with the needs and customs of the times. There have been jars (for seeds, water, storage), cups, ladles, figures; and tourist … Read More

Climbing the Stairs

July 24, 2015By ellenfDesign, Uncategorized

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