This is a large, rare and beautiful serving bowl from Santa Clara, dating possibly to the 1920’s.  It is gracefully formed, but relatively thick walled and heavy; built for home use or perhaps commissioned for sale to a collector or  to a Santa Fe hotel.  It has a non-flaring rim and short neck which descends to an early version of a rainbow band which adds a surprisingly modern and sculptural feel to this most traditionally made bowl.  The handles are ear-shaped and rise just over the rim.  The pot is near black all over and polished all over as well.  There is one small area of light highlight from not quite complete reduction during firing.

Condition is excellent with just a few very minor scuffs.

I am very excited to show this wonderful and unique bowl.  This was made by someone experienced in this form.  So where are all the others? Perhaps this early in time, bowls like these were used, damaged and discarded.  Even in the art market, this wasn’t a form demanded enough by collectors to encourage potters to make very many of them.  The result is that there are so very few like this and we can be so grateful to the unknown potter whose skill and artistic sensibilities are a gift to us still today.  I will be very happy for the collector who snaps this piece up.  I’ll likely then spend a very long time trying to replace it.