I purchased this lovely jar many years ago; through an unusual journey and circumstance, I have recently reacquired it.  Toni Roller attributed it to her grand-mother Sara Fina Tafoya when I first bought this jar in the 1990’s.  The distinctive handles which Toni called “dragonfly handles” were characteristic of Margaret Tafoya’s (Toni’s mother) work as well.  (See Blair, figures 2.2 for a very similar example from 1928 and figure 3.15).

The jar has all over exceptional high polish, from the moderately flared rim to the bowl like mid-body and tapering elegantly to the base.  Such a beautiful jar!

So, again, I asked photographer Addison Doty to capture the deep richness of this jar. Click on the detail photo and see, not only a close-up of the distinctively Sara Fina/Margaret handles, but also the depth of the black polishing; the surface is so lush as to appear almost wet.

Condition is excellent with a couple of areas of minor wear visible under the left handle.