Ada Suina’s superb artistry is in full view in this beautiful and complex storyteller from perhaps the 1980’s.  It is a larger major work at 8.5″ tall and features 8 children and a puppy.  The mother’s head is turned adding to the sense of movement and life in this piece.  The children include: an infant in mother’s right arm, mesmerized by the mother’s mouth and song; a child with a puppy; two dozing children straddling the mother’s ankles; an older child holding a younger; etc.  The back of the mother’s manta (I’ll be adding a photo of this) is scalloped with “tic-tac-toe” cross hatching features in beautiful polychrome coler, beautifully painted using creamy Cochiti white slip and Ada’s particularly lovely salmon orange/pink.

This is a wonderful example of a major Cochiti figurative artist in her prime.

Condition is excellent; original and unrestored.