Superb San Ildefonso Polychrome Olla, c. 1900

December 3, 2012By Lyn Foxfeatured

Striking and beautiful with a large and unusual sun-like motif predominating in the mid-body and kiva steps in the neck.  Yet, despite this major design element, the jar has a spacious, open feel that adds to its great appeal. This could be an early masterpiece by master potter Dolorita Montoya as the sun motif has … Read More

San Juan Red-on-Tan Dough Bowl with Great Fire-Clouds, c. 1890’s

December 1, 2012By Lyn Fox

Large and, well, delicious large dough with numerous rich and etherial fire clouds, the interior too has great patina and red painted highlights. This is great bowl! Condition: excellent with ethnographic wear Provenance: an Espanola, NM collector, collected early in the 20th century by the owner’s grand-mother

San Juan Serving Bowl with Polished Black Interior, c. 1890’s

December 1, 2012By Lyn Fox

Unadorned tan exterior with fire clouds and beautifully stone polished interior; simple and elegant with interior highlights from natural firing.  Rarely seen simple utilitarian serving bowl; simple, classic and beautiful. Provenance: From a Durango, CO collector Condition: Very good with tight, unrestored crack

Santa Clara Classic Bear Paw Jar by Margaret Tafoya, 1976

November 28, 2012By Lyn Fox

Superb large example in exemplary condition; winner of the Blue Ribbon in pottery at the 1976 Indian Arts and Craft Show in Chicago (ribbon included). Margaret adapted the classic Tewa water jar form and employed her signature bear paw, double rainbow bands, slightly flared rim and high polish to make it her own. Then by … Read More

San Ildefonso Polychrome Storge Jar, 1910

November 27, 2012By Lyn Fox

Magnificently large, this jar may be one of the last of it’s kind. It is too large to have been made for a still emerging tourist trade, predating Fedex and bubble wrap; yet, from a time when such jars were no longer being made for home use and the skill to create such an object … Read More

Hano (Hopi) Black-on-Cream Bowl, attributed to Nampeyo, c. 1900

November 23, 2012By Lyn Fox

I purchased this wonderful early Nampeyo bowl from my friend and mentor Martha Hopkins Struever, a Nampeyo pottery expert. This bowl comes with an attribution letter by Marti and I quote from a draft of that here.  “A pottery bowl black on cream by Nampeyo, Hano. A classic “food bowl” style;  painting (is) a Sikyatki … Read More

Picuris Lidded Tea Pot, c.1890

November 10, 2012By Lyn Fox

Very rarely do I see these old utilitarian forms from Picuris, a small pueblo on the high road to Taos. Picuris’ relative isolation kept it from ever being a major tourist destination for pottery. So little tea pots like this are most unusual. All the more remarkable is the still intact (minus a minor chip) … Read More

Large and Exquisite Santo Domingo Dough Bowl with Native Repair, c. 1890

October 30, 2012By Lyn Fox

With traditional 6 pointed star design and the bowl bottom painted red, this is a bowl on a grand scale.There are great patterns of use including piñon pine pitch repairs, native repairs. There is a wide band at the bottom, indicative perhaps of 19th century origin. Condition excellent with old patinated rim chip and native repair

San Ildefonso Jar Drilled for Lamp, attributed to Maria Martinez

October 25, 2012By Lyn Fox

Acquired by the Street family for their gallery Streets of Taos, (which we now proudly occupy) in the 1950’s, this piece was purchased on the pueblo from the Martinez gallery, run by Maria’s son Popovi Da. It is unsigned, perhaps because Maria was trying for red, bur the jar fired what, to us, is clearly … Read More