Hopi Katsina doll by carver Eric Kayquaptewa

Eric Kayquoptewa

In his own words: I have been carving for 33 years now and started as a contemporary style katsina doll carver for 22 year before switching to traditional katsina doll carving for the past 11 years now. I learned how to carve from my father Richard Kayquoptewa and grandfather Neil Kayquoptewa as well as my brother Horace Kayquoptewa and cousins Brandon Kayquoptewa for the contemporary style. As for the transition to Hopi traditional style carving I was introduced to try by my cousin Raynard Lalo. Ever since than I have been carving the traditional style. I still carve both styles but not as much the contemporary style.

Eric has been an award winner at the Hopi Show at the Museum of Nothern Arizona, the Heard Museum Indian Market and the SWAIA Indian Market in Santa Fe. Eric is Spider Clan.

Eric Kayquaptewa's carved dolls: